Friday, December 2, 2011

Is it illegal to carry publicly or own butterfly knife in Oklahoma?

I bought my butterfly knife, which is less than 4 inches of blade, in Texas and brought it to Oklahoma.

Is it illegal to carry it publicly or possess it in the house?|||From what I read it looks like you can possess it but can't carry it except under the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. I can't find anything about that so if I were you I would assume you can own but not carry.

How long does it take a painted lady butterfly to emerge from it's chrysalis?

We ordered caterpillars through the mail. They are chrysalis's now. How long will it take for the butterfly to emerge?|||We also ordered some thru the mail. The care packet that came with them said they will emerge about 7-10 days after they form the chrysalis. Ours are actually coming out as I type. My son is going nuts!!|||It will take approximately 7-11 days for them to emerge. They will emerge quicker if it is warmer. DO NOT PUT THEM IN A SPOT THAT WILL PROBABLY MAKE YOU COLD! REMEMBER-THEY STILL ARE ALIVE!

How long does it take for a Monarch Butterfly's wings to dry after emerging?

My son got a Monarch Butterfly kit from the State fair. It just emerged this morning but it's wings are still folded and crumpled. It should have dried out by now. We put more milkweed in with it but I'm just wondering if there is anything else we can do. Has anyone else seen this?|||first off yes it should have dried by now, I have a butterfly garden and I've had several Viceroy's, Spicebush Swallowtails, Sphinx Moths that are born like that where their wings dry crumpled. I don't think anything can be done about it. It's just nature.

You might try rewetting it's wings with a spray bottle loaded with some distilled water, but the problem is that you can't touch the wings, maybe gently with tweezers uncrumple them. I'm not offering hope here but it might work.

p.s. I found this blog talking about the same problem.鈥?/a>|||Im not sure i usually blow dry them after i tear them off.

Why is it illegal to carry switchblades and butterfly knives, or any weapon of the sort?

i want to get a switchblade and or butterfly knife, and a lot of them maybe, but i have no intent of using them as weapons. so im wondering, why is it illegal to carry such things?|||Laws are for everyone, not just you.

Did you know that knife fights are considered more deadly than gunfights?

How is that? You might ask.

It is because most gun fights take place at a greater distance and frequently result in no-one being hit.

not only that, but it is more likely to inflict a wound that is a quicker kill with a blade than a bulet

many gun-shots are not lethal if medical attention is gotten quickly enough. But if someone cuts your aorta, it could happen in front of the emergency room door, and they could not save you quick enough.

Many of the guys who would like to have one of those knives, it is so he can be a more proficient fighter. So we make it a way to take him off the streets. I'm ok with that.

If you do not want the knife for fighting, don't carry a fighting knife.|||Knives like that have no legal purpose OTHER than as a weapon. That is why they are outlawed in most places.

It is sometimes possible to get a collector's license for the weapons. That depends on your location.|||Most states consider it to be a concealed weapon and as such you need a permit to carry as you would a firearm|||They are concealed weapons. They only purpose they serve is as a concealed weapon. Thus, you can't carry them.|||What is the point of carrying such a weapon if you have no intention of using it? A pocket knife will work for any legal usage.|||because some people do use them as weapons, and they aren't hard to hide, get out and then stab somebody

What flowers can I put in my Butterfly Garden?

My mom hired this guy to do our landscaping. Im on vacation and when I get home I'm helping make a butterfly garden. We live on the east coast and have great climate.I talked to the gut and he said I can pick any flowers or butterflies and we try to attract the butterflies or buy those flowers. Any ideas?|||There are a lot of plants you can use. You can also check with local nurseries to see if they have any handouts on plants specific for your area. There may be a few butterflies that only use native plants. Also, be sure that you are providing nectar and larval plants in your garden.

Here are some links with lots of plants for you to use:…………

Hope this helps!|||Green Wizard Rudbeckia, Add some magic to your late-season borders. Birds and butterflies love them!

Keys of Heaven, Bushy plant bear clusters of sweet-scented scarlet blooms.

Black Knight Butterfly Bush, Graceful trusses smothered with dark purple flowers attract flocks of butterflies.

Orange Glory Flower, Butterflies can't resist the bright color and sweet nectar of this North American native plant.

Blue Butterfly Delphinium, The dazzling deep blue blooms of this wonderful delphinium lure butterflies all summer long.

Red Penstemon, Served as beacons to hummingbirds, these crimson tubular blossoms almost glow as they bloom.|||Butterfly bush, purple cone flower, salvia, russian sage, lavender, daisy, daylily, ageratum, Baptisia, Blanket Flower, cosmos, hollyhock, marigold, mallow, nicotianas, nasturtium, sedum, sunflower, tickseed, zinnias, verbenas, sweet alyssum, phlox, lobelia, dianthus.

I also live on the east coast and I have or have had all of these. I especially love the buttlerfly bushes and the lavender.|||Sedum Spectabile,a perennial which flowers in the fall.Also Asters novae-belgii,both these species will extend the season of your butterfly garden by months.The sedum in particular is attractive to Red Admiral and tortoise shell butterflies.

If there's a spare corner,let a few thistles grow,your landscaper will know how to confine them.

Species budlleia davidii are great.Try "Black Knight","Harlequin",Nanho Blue"or "Royal Red".

All do well in the UK.|||As a garden designer, I would suggest paying a visit your local native plant nursery. They should have info on the various native plants in your area that attract butterflies, and they will also likely sell many of these plants. Many of these nurseries have handouts on this subject.

Hope that helps!|||echinacea-cone flower, butterfly bush, aschlepias,Zinnias are all common garden butterfly feeders, also try aralia spinosa and button bush|||In the area where I live (Southern Ontario, Canada), there is tons of Butterfly Milkweed. I know it sounds ugly because of the "weed" attachment....but they are really beautiful. I've seen very bright orange and purple.

How can i make sum large wall hanging butterfly's & flowers?

We are in the middle of decorating the girls room, the theme is butterfly's %26amp; flowers and pink and lilac colours. I want to make some wall hangings of flowers and butterflys, what is the best way to do this please? thanks!|||鈥?/a>|||you could get some lightweight wire %26amp; bend into shape of butterflys %26amp; then cover with some sheer lightweight material %26amp;paint on spots or design with fabric paints,possibly construct a mobile with them.Flowers can be made from coloured tissue paper.|||I dont know about the best way.. but I did something similar when my kids were younger.

I used straws and coloured wool, made a slit in the end of the straw, using a knot to hold it. I got a framework done first then filled in a pattern with the coloured wool lengths. use a darning needle to " stitch the pattern."

much depends on how old the girls are, or how tolerant they are of home made stuff... if between five and ten, they might even come up with an idea of their own. You can only ask them. you might be surprised at what they come up with.|||You could use polystyrene sheets, available from builders providers (maybe B%26amp;Q or Homebase) to cut your shapes and paint with emulsion paint. You can cut the shape with a stanley knife or bread knife, smooth the cut edges with fine sand paper and voil谩. They are great for a 3D effect and are lightweight so they can be stuck on walls %26amp; ceilings.|||ive done some similar to my girls one girl has lilac coloured butterfly theme and the other pink heart theme.i got some wall hangings and matching lampshades rugs,curtain poles,shelves the lot from next i also made some using borsal wood and paint and some canvases i got cheap from craft shop and painted them in a design and i let them do 1 for themselves gave it a bit of personal touch and it wasnt intill they got their own room i realised the different tastes and characters they were.if your girls sharing the room add all of the above in next they do flower theme to.good luck. hope this has helped

Can I keep cardinal tetras with a black ghost knife fish and two African butterfly fish?

I would like to keep two African butterfly fish and one black ghost knife fish (3inches) with cardinal tetras and xl penguin tetras. Is this ok or will the tetras get eaten.|||African butterfly fish, also known as Pantodons, have very large mouths and will easily swallow a cardinal tetra. At the price of cardinal tetras, I would not suggest it. Some fish stores say that you can keep neon tetras with black ghost knife fish but in my experience the black ghost knife will usually eat the neons. You might get lucky and get one that does not but again your chances are not good. A three inch black ghost knife is just a baby so if you can get neons cheaply enough start with a big school and if they don't disappear you can add a few Cardinals from time to time. I used to be able to buy small neon tetras for 20 cents each. Now they are about $2 each. Depending upon the size of your pocket book and the size of your tank it might be worth the gamble.|||Black ghost knife fish (Apteronotus albifrons) usually grow to around 30-35cm in length and they are quite capable of consuming small fish such as Tetras. However the Butterfly fish should be large enough not to be eaten. You could try the larger Rasbora species.|||it will be fine as ghost knifes are very slow moving fish and will not be able to catch the fast moving tetras. butterfly fish are quite peaceful|||It would be okay, but ensure your black ghost doesn't get too big, as it can consume tetras.