Thursday, November 24, 2011

What does it mean when you see a black butterfly & a yellow butterfly together shortly after someones death?

I saw a yellow butterfly and a black butterfly together about an hour after my mothers death. I saw the same thing again on the way to the hospital. I didn't know if it symbolized anything|||I have seen the same thing. My uncle died a few years ago %26amp; 2 hours after his death, that is what I saw. I did some research %26amp; it does symbolize something. My research showed that the butterflies were sent down from God as a gift. The butterflies were suppose to give you joy because you were probably sad. By the way, the butterflies are different colors according to the way the person died. Hope this helped.|||Black and Yellow, occurring together, in Nature, means, "Warning, I can

sting you, if you get too close".

Butterflies represent the Soul. One Butterfly, is your Mothers soul, the other, is your Soul.

Taken as an Omen, the two Souls, although separated by Death, are, forever linked, and still bound together on a certain level.

The colour combination is a warning that until you recognise, and accept this separation, through the natural Grief process, the part of you that is forever joined, will cause you unnecessary pain.|||it means you're sad about your mother's death and you're trying to make yourself feel better by believing in magic

It means you saw a yellow and black butterfly. I saw that once too. They're kind of common, being butterflies and all. I've also seen some squirrels. And a bison.|||It means you're outside.|||thats freakky

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